Harumaki (2 PCS)


Japanese fried veg. roll w/ sweet chili sauce



Steamed salted soy beans

Shu-Mai (6 PCS)


Steamed shrimp dumplings

Vegetable Tempura (7 PCS)


Gyoza (6 PCS)


Deep fried veggie and pork dumpling

Cocoa Chicken (8 PCS)


Japanese style fried chicken w/ spicy mayo

Mussel Yaki


Baked mussel w/ special sauce (hot sauce optional)

Crispy Calamari


Deep fried squid rings w/ sweet chili sauce

Shrimp Tempura


2 PCS shrimp tempura & 4 PCS veggie tempura

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Spicy Tuna Tataki


Chunks of tender red tuna in wasabi ponzu sauce

Tuna Tataki (6 PCS)


Raw tuna seared on the outside w/ ponzu sauce

Sesame Tuna (5 PCS)


Pan-seared, sesame crusted tuna w/ creamy special sauce

Sashimi Appetizer


Chef's choice of sliced fresh fish

Creamy Spicy Tuna (8 PCS)


Raw tuna seared on the outside drizzled w/ creamy sauce

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From the Sushi Bar

From the Kitchen

Soup & Salad

Miso Soup


Soy-based soup w/ scallion, seaweed, & tofu pieces

Dumpling Soup


Veggie and pork dumpling w/ vegetables in broth

Seaweed Salad


Avocado Salad


Avocado, masago w/ ginger sauce

House Salad


Fresh romaine & iceburg lettuce w/ shrimp, avocado, crab meat, & ginger sauce

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Side Orders

Steamed Rice


Sushi Rice


Fried Rice


Hibachi Vegetables


Hibachi Chicken


Hibachi Shrimp (6 PCS)


Hibachi Steak (5 oz.)


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